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This Wednesday (two days from now) I am getting my 351CJ rebuilt.

I am confused as my shop suggests getting a 750cfm carb for the cam and manifold combo I am using. I will be changing to 3.55 gears soon, and my wheels are 15" with a 255/60 tire.

Here is the specs of my cam... As you can see, its a dual grind camshaft by the different lift specs.

RPM Range: 2000-6000
Advertised Intake: 275
Advertised Exhaust: 285
@ .050" Intake: 219
@ .050" Exhaust: 232
Valve Lift Intake: .515
Valve Lift Exhaust: .541
* works with mild converter

My manifold specs:

My carb shop wants me to get:
750cfm 4bbl Edelbrock Performer
square flange, electric choke

1) Would I have to change my torque converter to a stall of 2000rpm?
2) Is 750cfm too big?
3) Will the combos listed above work?
4) How much gross hp can I expect?

Thanks in advance people!!!! :thumbs:


posted by  72Torino

Daryl,the cam does not match the manifold.

posted by  TurtlePimp

I knew the manifold didnt match correctly. Edelbrock unfrntly doesn't make a Performer RPM which runs 2k - 6k :screwy:

So, I opted for a Performer. Hell, its way better than my smoggy iron cast stock one! Saves like 100lbs!!

I think my stall for the converter is going to be a 2500rpm. :oops: 3000 sounds a bit high. I am going to change the gears to 3:50's as well.

posted by  72Torino

Edelbrock does make the Torker 351 for the motor, it's rated from 2500-6500. I've got the Performer on mine now, but the Toker's sitting in the garage.

Here's my deal... I've got a 73 Mustang Grande. The guy who owned it before me raced it but now I drive it all the time. I've got a Cleveland in it. It used to have a Lunati solid lifter cam with a little more than .5" of lift. Now I've got a Comp Cams hydraulic cam with .420" on the intake side and .470" on the exhaust side. Bit longer duration than the old cam. Roller rockers. It's got the 4v heads. Holley 4v carb. Forged pistons. Just put the ram air hood on but I've yet to drop the cash for the ram air kit. I've got the motor backed by a c-6 tranny and a 9" rear with a detroit locker and 4.11:1 gears. Weld wheels and hoosier tires.

A few months after I got it, a push rod broke and after later inspection 3 lobes on the cam were whiped. So I opted to start fresh and have it rebuilt. The car's not as hot as it used to be. It's still quick but when it comes down to it, it's my daily driver and not my race car so I can sacrifice a couple horses. It still turns heads with the headers and flowmasters roaring. And it can still hold it's own with the other cars.

Good luck with the Torino!


posted by  Stanger73

Any open plenum intake, such as the torker II, will cause you to lose a some low-end torque...your peak power would probably be somewhere up near 5500-6000rpm range with your peak torque coming in somewhere around 4000rpm assuming your set-up is optimized for the torker II(even higher with the original torker). I'd stick with a dual-plane intake unless you plan on making it your race car....if you wanna get some more power out of the performer intake you could port it/port match it with your heads and run a 1" carb spacer, that should help bring your rpm range up some without being too extreme. If you do decide to go with an open plenum intake i'd recommend a little more agressive cam(by about 10 degrees) and use at least a 3000rpm stall-speed on the torque converter.

Also, stay AWAY from high-volume oil pumps, on a set-up like yours it will do nothing more than rob horsepower(and possibly break the pump drive shaft at higher rpms)...fords oil-pumps are good enough. Also on a fresh engine don't run more than 5w-20 during break-in and after that stick with 5w-30 unless you drive the car in temps over 110 degrees regularly.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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