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does any body have a list of tips that they have for a beginner restoring a car

posted by  spiral loser

Well it depends on what condition the car is in. If the body is in semi-decent shape, I would start working on the engine and tranny and all that fun stuff first.
But for beginner, would you have someone whose done this before helping you, or would you be doing this all by yourself??

posted by  junebug

1. Get a lot of space to work. A garage may look big when the car is parked in it, but once you start taking it apart, you're going to quickly fill up the space.

2. Either get a couple of books, or take some community college classes (or auto training classes if they're offered in your area) on basic automotive repair to give you a general idea of what's what.

3. Buy a good manual for the car you get.

Restoring a car is basically just cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, so prepare to get yourself very dirty. Oh, and find a local junkyard where you can scrounge for parts.

posted by  CivilDisobediet

The guy above me has said it all (lots of props to you)

posted by  Nova

I'll put in my :2cents: .

This all depends on how needy the car is. Lets say it doesn't have to be torn completely down. The body can stay on the frame. What I also do, is start be removing the engine, transmission and rear axle(lets say it has one because if it's in need of restoration, hopefully its on old car with rwd) and everything in the engine conpartment.
Then I rebuild the entire suspention system. Rebuild my engine, transmissions, rear end. Paint it all nice colors :mrgreen: Undercoat the car, or paint it, depending on your likes. Get rid of all body rust, paint engine compartment. Put in engine, transmission, rear end. Then I restore the interior. I rip out the dash, door panels, seats, carpeting. Restore them all to orginal condition. Then the final thing to do is paint the car. After all this, expect about...3 years to have passed and a lot of things in between going on. Like problems and things you've missed :banghead:

It takes along time to do such work, but I personally can't get enough of it. Anyway, hope this helps. :2cents:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I got a tip. You better hope you love it before you start it or you'll end up with one huge pile of crap. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

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