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So, I'm thinking about getting either a chevelle from 69-71 or a nova II and I know a little bit about cars, and I've always wanted to learn more. I also am looking for it to be able to run. I'm just curious about how much I should pay for one that runs, but still needs some work, as well any other advice would be great. Thanks.

posted by  warning

Classic cars are so difficult to estimate their value. Alot of it depends on not just if it runs, but how many miles it has, what condition the body is in , condition of the interior, brake system, steering system, suspension, headliner and one of the most important things, how good are the floor boards, not to mention, do the numbers match and do you care if they do.

One other VERY important thing with classic cars/collectibles, is that the worth of an item i dependant on what you are willing to pay.

Do you know of anyone that knows cars well that can help you?

posted by  SPRS4

yea, most of my friends know how to work on cars, and I figured it was about time to follow suit, as well the chevelle and nova 2 seemed like good choices, because there American made, and I would be glad to drive either for years to come. As well I will have access to a garage. Ideally i guess I am looking for something that runs, but that still needs a lot of work. And that the exterior is not all messed up, aside from paint I can deal with though. As well I have a pretty decent budget depending on what I pay for the car up front.

posted by  warning

if your getting a nova have someone follow you to make sure it's going down the road strait and make
sure you cant see front wheels and back wheels at the same time..there known for this..
good luck.....


posted by  scrapper

thanks for the advice, i will definitely make sure to do that.

posted by  warning

very true.. my bros does that.. he got new rims and tires the right rear hit the wheel well and the left has room..

but my dad got a 70 chevelle malibu running great but it had rust and still needed the interior redone.. it has its problems but he got it for 6500.

just look for a while before you jump at anything.. youll find somethin

posted by  Montage

The most important thing to look for is a complete car that is not half disassembled and in the trunk.....You will never know if you are getting all the pieces. It is much easier to walk around a car that is all together and say

"hey..there is a missing door handle"

Than to dig through a box to see what is and isn't there. Trust will always be missing the part that is no longer available.

Also, keep in mind the repairs you are capable of doing. Quality work is very expensive, so if there is alot of rust damage and you can not will be better off paying more for a less rusty car.

Good luck, and most importantly ask lots of questions...

posted by  corbett_auto

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