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I have a 1968 Camaro with a SBC 350. I recently had the engine and tranny (2 speed Powerglide) rebuilt. I put on a new Water Pump, Intake manifold, Carb as well as flywheel and torque converter. I did not replace the starter. After a week of putting the engine and tranny back into the car and getting the distributor in right, I finally got the engine to fire up. When it fired up, a very loud high pitched sqeal could be heard. It is a deafening pitch. I immediately turned off the engine. I disconnected the alternator and tried it again with the same results. After sleeping on it, I believe it may be the starter will not disengage. Does this sound like it might be the problem? I am going to crawl under the vehicle tonight and see if the starter is still engaged. May even start it again while underneath it to see if this is where the noiise is coming from. I hate to start it in fear I might be damaging something. Any suggestions?


posted by  68camaroman

Do you have an A/C compressor on it?

posted by  rudypoochris

Make sure your belts are nice and tight, if a belt is too loose and your idle is high, your pulley will spin under the belt, and screech very loudly, another thing that causes a squeal is hydraulic leaks, but if your power steering or brakes didn't have pressure applied, then that's counted out. I can't think of anything else that would cause a noise like that, but yeah if the starter stays engaged, the gears would probably whine in there.

Good luck!:thumbs:

posted by  azkid110

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