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i need to know the easiest way to adjust my valves, long ago my dad did something to em to try and fine tune em himself and then the motor wouldnt start anymore so rather than fix it he left it alone... now i need to fix it and i have absolutely no idea how... i take off the valve cover and then im lost... please help me out here

thank you

posted by  Christobagh

WHAT KIND OF ENGINE???????????:banghead: chevy, ford, dodge???? displacement?

posted by  glagon1979

pontic 350, sorry

posted by  Christobagh

i can honestly say that i've never done a pontiac 350.

posted by  glagon1979

Giving a detailed description in this forum may be difficult. The best thing you could do is go to the book store and buy a good repair manual if posible a factory repair manul for the year and model....

Adjusting valves are not really hard...but they do require precision. And it is also something that seems much simplier after you watch someone do it....

posted by  corbett_auto

Rule of thumb was tighten rocker while rotating push rod between thumb & forefinger, when you cannot rotate pushrod, go 1 full turn. tighten rocker slowly pressure changes quickly.

posted by  hkyfan2

Do you want the easiest way or the cleanest way?

(assuming hydraulic valves)
The easiest way is to take off 1 valve cover, and you can buy things that clip on the end of the rocker to divert the oil. Start the engine, and back the rocker nut off until you hear a light tick on that cylinder. Then turn it in slowly until the tick goes away, and then turn it an additional 3/4 to 1 turn (this is preloading it, half a turn will probably be plent, but you may have to adjust them in a couple of years).

The clean way is to take off all valve covers, and remove coil wire. Crank the engine until you see a valve begin to depress. At this time, the corresponding valve on that same cylinder is completely off cam. At this time you can adjust that valve. For example, if you crank it and the intake valve begins to open, you know that the exhaust valve is completely shut and you can adjust it. Adjust it by loosening rocker nut, and slowly tighten it until you can't turn the push rod anymore (because it is wedged between the rocker and lifter). Then turn it an additional preload (3/4 to 1 turn, etc.). Mark the valve you did and keep cranking the motor until all the valve are done (I mark them with chalk).

Any questions write back.
If the engine pops when you are done you got a valve too tight, but if you follow these instructions that won't happen (assuming all your lifters are pumped up and functioning properly).


posted by  carls47807

the spammers gotcha again, carl. this one's 4 months old... :laughing:

so when is that corvair gonna be complete?

posted by  dodger65

Ha, darn, i gotta start looking at that. Noobs.

I do have the corvair done, I just didnt' get any pics of it yet.

That's my webshots, with 1 pic of the corvair and pics of other stuff i've been working on. I have z28 rims on it now, it looks real good with a high quality photo. This spring i'll get some good pics of it. Thanks to the corvair, I consider myself a master of adjusting valves. :banghead:

posted by  carls47807

that's cool. it looks good.:thumbs: i just had to ask since your sig said it wasn't done yet and it's been awhile...:wink2:

posted by  dodger65

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