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Thought it might be cool to hear some of the funny things you have overheard at car shows (or other places classic cars are parked)...below are a few examples:

posted by  corbett_auto

Yeah, I've got some friends, and whenever they see a car, the first thing they check is the speedometer lol.

I don't understand the second one though lol...

posted by  chris_knows

He bought it from his brother who bought it from someone else...two owners not the claimed one.

You're not playing to win the game Chris.

posted by  What

I count 3 owners.....the original owner, the first brother and the second brother that now owns the car...

It is simply amazing some of the stories I hear....

posted by  corbett_auto

I laugh at people who attempt to belittle "modern" hp numbers by grossly overrating their crank hp from their given rwhp dyno sheets. 300rwhp IS NOT 525 at the crank.

And on the opposite end there are the ones who firmly believe their manufacturer numbers are under-rated. This is especially prevalent amongst GM owners...because those 01' SS's were definitely puttin' out 420 wasn't advertised because they didn't want to make Corvette owners angry.

Oh I forgot the latest buzz I've been hearing at Mustang gatherings..."they stop making 5.0's because they were faster than police cars..." They believe this.

posted by  What

Hey now, that 305hp at the flywheel is bullshit. It's the same motor as the Vette, why would it make less hp? 420 is junk and any owner who believes it is ill-inforned and/or ignorant, but I'd say that about people who believe the 305 as well. HP-wise there really is no difference between the Z28s and SSs, and most SS owners will acknowledge that.

Look at dynos and time slips of LS1 Z28s/SSs and those of same-era Mustang GTs, which really do make about 305hp. Or try an online hp calculator. They're not very accurate, but enough to tell you that the LS1s are making more than what GM states.

posted by  giant016

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