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This guy I know is trying to sell his 72 chevelle. I want to buy it for my first project car but don't know where to get a engine for it.

I know... the internet, but I dont want just any "okay-get the job done engine"

I want a damn good engine. something loud as hell!! Maybe one of those pop-a-wheelie ones!!:laughing:.

something thats not mediocre is what im saying.

I dont want the car just for its looks, if I buy it. I want to be able to actually get a few well deserved tickets in it!:laughing: :smoke:

I don't have any bills(major) to pay. So why not spend it on something worth it.

This is/will my first project car. I would like it to go as smooth as i can make it.
Please give me some suggestions for some engines for this car. (and/or the best place to find them.)

posted by  Royg89

A project like this can get out of hand very quickly....things like this are like dominos all lined up, getting the engine is pushing the first one in line.

If it goes fast it needs to be able to stop.....

If it pops the front wheels off the ground it needs to be able to handle the landing when it comes back down.....

If you have goobs of power wil the rest of the drivetrain handle the power....

And finally, getting everything else ready will quickly drain your account...

When you are ready to talk logically about this we can give you some good information and places to go....

posted by  corbett_auto

well I can deal with it not popping wheelies

(maybe after i have become familiar with the game then i'll try one of those BEASTS!)

but, uh... what information can you give me?

posted by  Royg89

First off, let me re-iterate whats been said. Building a car that is THAT fast will be biting off more than you can chew if you're new to this. I'd get a period-correct 350 or 396. They are a solid base and can handle a good amount of power when you are ready.

Or you could just order a full brand new engine from places like Jegs.

Once again, 500hp or so will wreak havoc on things like the tranny, driveshaft, etc. It's not as simple as you think, or as cheap if you're new to this. Getting a 300~hp engine at first will give the car enough punch to make it fun. As you get better at building and used to the power, you hop up the engine piece by piece. If you want loud, even a stock late 60's/early 70's 350 will be pretty loud with some glasspack style mufflers.

posted by  giant016

The best place to get "go-fast parts" would be a local (close enough to drive to) speed shop. The reason for close is because when it comes to building anything "custom" it is a trial and error deal....and if the place is close enough it will save you some time and S&H if you can just drive to it instead of shipping it back....other wise the big outfits like JEGS & Summit have everything you will need.

And like said before if you want LOUD!......even a wore out bone stock 327 sounds like a monster through a good set of glass packs.

Start out slow, learn as you go and in the end you will be much happier...
(1) you will be alive to talk about it....AND
(2) your car want be tore up from run off into ditches.

We wish you the best...and please ask all the questions you want. We'll answer them, just try and be specific.

posted by  corbett_auto

you can rebuild a chevy 350 with a good amount of power for around 1500 dollars. engine kits at northernautoparts.com, you can swap parts around.

posted by  adamc44

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