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I have always had dreams of driving a classic car on a daily basis. But, I want a muscle car. Pretty as in Black sparkle and shiny chrome. I have always loved my moms old chevy nova but I'd love a chevelle or like my old malibu. Hubby says no but no good reason why. says gas...I drive a big durango with my three year old most of the time - talk about waste of gas. yeah maybe parts are hard to find - is this true of US classics? Maybe weather issues but its going to be painted properly and I have a garage. Is it really a bad idea or does hubby not like the idea of wifey having a bad ass car while he drives the daddy mobile - Nissan Maxima. Any thoughts - realistic - about why not? Please help because I am starting my cherry mobile fund :)

posted by  Jennifersride

If there is a will there is a way. Major parts aren't really a problem for most common American muscle.

There are always compromises as well. I like musclecars more than anything, but I'd still have a lot of fun driving a cheaper, more economical car like an old Triumph Roadster, Datsun Z, or an Opel GT (if you can find one). Parts for these cars may be a little harder to find, but they are out there. The above cars and others like it won't cost much to buy in decent shape and I'm betting have much better MPG than a Chevelle with a 454.

posted by  giant016

Sometimes the reason against the older cars are reliability or safety...but, these are easy fixes we do it all the time it's as simple as upgrading outdated components and bringing everything else up to a reliable level. Things such as:

Disk brakes, electronic ignition, or even further with A/C, PW, PL, CD etc.....Of course doing all of this can end up costing $30k, $40, or more...but how much does a loaded Maxima cost?.......

Why drive around in a car that blends in? There are no practical reasons to not own a classic..in fact most states do not even require inspection stickers on cars over 35 years old...so it even save you a few bucks and aggravation every year.

posted by  corbett_auto

If you care for the car and want it to stay nice, you will have to park it in the winter - as I do. The old metal on these cars are not galvanized, and will rust from the salt. I park mine the first time I see a salt truck and wait for a couple of good rains in the spring to get the salt off the roads. BTW, my truck sits outside, the old car sits inside. If you get a popular auto, you will be always be able to get parts. Chevy, Pontiac, Ford come to mind, but there are others as well.

posted by  philo

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