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Dear fellow Galaxie owners. I have a problem with a chrome dealer in Midland North Carolina. 704 888-0112 Chrome Express
I mailed my rear quarter glass frames for my 63 Galaxie to Dave at chrome express over seven months ago sent him payment to do the job
But he refuses to send me my parts back. I have contacted Dave many times by phone, email but he always says he is working on it.
Is there any fellow Galaxie owners in this area that could drop by Chrome Express for me and ask for my parts I would be glad to pay for the shipping
If I could just get my parts back he is holding them hostage and I need them to get my car back on the road.
Any help please? Other members please beware of this operator, They go by Goldmama24 on Ebay.

Rod Robbins

posted by  carguy4sp

Rod, Please inform people that you did get your parts back, and they were plated, however, they still had some pits that we hadn't been able to work out of the metal. Old pot metal is a very difficult metal to work with and if you are not careful, you can distroy it. We took our time to make sure they were as good as they could be. You asked that they be returned even with the pits, and we did as you asked. I am sure you have forgotten you posted this, so I am going to up date it for you.
These parts were shipped back to mr. robbins sometime in Oct. I am just now posting this because I didn't even know he had posted, and I found it surfing the web. There are not that many of us that will even attempt pot metal, and it can not be pushed. We work with a lot of parts that can not be found, and we can't take a chance of ruining them. We do appologize for it taking so long, however, we are glad they are back home now.
Chrome Express

posted by  goldmama

I very much doubt he'll be back. However, have you emailed him? I'll let you keep the company details in your post as a way of "repairing" any damage he's done to your reputation as a company, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

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