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i currently have a 70 split bumper camaro. it has a 78 4 bolt main 350 ci engine in it. this is the motor i plan to build for it. my question is, me and a friend were trying to decide, what are the pros and cons to swaping a 327 crank into it for a shorter stroke and possible a few more rpms. is this correct? are there any advantages?

posted by  Black sunshine

Im sure thats the right thing to do Im gettin a Nova with a 327 and my dad is gettin the right crank to make it a 350 but i dont know if he will let me have the 400 crank to let me make it a 383 but i would definaitly do that if i were you if you could find a 383 crank everything is still the same but the crank

posted by  Nova

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