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Just purchased a 1991 chevvy caprice classic a month ago ...luv the car.

I have insured it....When going through quote however, I was asked about what kind of immobiliser was fitted.....My reply was that I was unsure and that as far as I was aware it was factory fitted........no probs until yesterday, when I received a letter stating that I need to produce a cert for a Thatchem approved immobiliser......otherwise the insurance will not cover theft (this was not explained to me on taking out this insurance).

could anyone give me any advice as to whether my vehicle does have a factory fitted immobiliser or not.....sorry if I seem a bit thick on this subject....but I presumed that without the electronic key fobs the car will not start.

I have informed the insurance company that the car is 16yrs old and I do not have a cert....I am now off to the dealer I had the car from..to see if he can help me.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Just like to add very loudly " I HATE INS*RANCE C*MPANIES" ............Only joking.

posted by  mickeymegabyte

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you're in the UK based on your syntax and the fact that you're talking about a “Thatcham Approved” immobilizer. Little details like location are always helpful.

The short answer to your question is that you're f*cked. The '91 Caprice didn't come from the factory with any sort of immobilizer or alarm system. The closest it had was power locks and keyless entry. My guess is that you’re trying to get some sort of classic or special interest vehicle insurance with an agreed value, so they want to make sure your car is semi-safe from theft. Either you’re going to have to have an immobilizer installed or try a different insurance company.

If you need info on UK based, classic friendly insurance companies, let me know.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks for your reply......I'll have to get one fitted, by the looks of it.

posted by  mickeymegabyte

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