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Hi, I am new here. I found the boards while searching for parts for my new car. I recently bought a 1985 Thunderbird. I know it is not exactly a classic, but I wasn't sure really where to put this thread. Anyways, It is in pretty decent shape, and I want to make it a car I can be really proud of. I was wondering if anyone else here has an 85 t-bird, and if so, what they may have done to make theirs special. I was thinking about trying to find a body kit to put on it, but so far I have not been able to find one. I also am in desperate need of some new wheels, so if anyone could give me links to some good sites for wheels it would be greatly appreaciated. And any other comments/suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

posted by  85Thunderbird

P.S., I have the V6 version, and I would like my car to go fast, just so I can wipe the smug grin off of those stupid ford focus driving yuppie bastards at my school who think their cars are the "pimp shit." God, are they annoying. So yeah, any suggestions to make my car go faster would also be very appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  85Thunderbird

It's always nice to introduce yourself in the relevent section first! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Well then I will go do that!

posted by  85Thunderbird

I dont have an 85 t-bird but you can always look at jegs for performance stuff and i would sugest just puttin a v8 in but its not that easy theres some things you need to do G/L

posted by  Nova

G/L? I don't know what that is, sorry for sounding stupid. I don't know a whole lot about my car, but I am trying to learn more.

posted by  85Thunderbird

Wheels/Tires, might find a rim or two. www.tirerack.com

posted by  lectroid

Ok, well I think I am going to put in a v8, but I am not sure what kind to put in. Someone suggested a crate engine, and another suggested a windsor. Does anyone know anything about these engines, and if so can they help me decide on which one to put in and roughly about how much it will cost?

posted by  85Thunderbird

I've owned 4 T-Birds and I think you bought the best (’83-’86) sleeper styled bird going. It's a fox body, so the mustang stuff will work on your car. I would work on the rims (1979-1993 mustangs) and body first and save up for the engine swap. When they first came out there were kits for them. The grill and some ground effects if I remember right. I’m sure no one makes them anymore though. You could get the front cover off of a turbo coupe and have the factory driving lights. Keep an eye on EBay for tire and rim deals. The 6 banger just won't do it. You have 2 choices for an easy (still a lot off work) conversion. Get a 5.0 stang with a good engine and trans as a donor car or go with the 2.3 turbo coupe with the 5 speed. If emissions are an issue you will need the donor to get all of the electronics. If emissions are not a problem you can find an engine and a good C-4 tranny out of a Ford truck or van. I have an ’84 351 and it makes 210 hp factory. Add headers, duals and a new intake/carb and you will have a fairly fast car that will shake the ground when you drive by those focus’s :thumbs: . You will have to make sure your rear end will handle the torque as well. I think yours is the 7.5. If you are going to build it up I’d go with an 8.8 out of a mustang 5.0. Check out Mustang magazines and sites for the V-8s or the Merkur XR4Ti sites for the 2.3 turbo.
Just my 2 ¢ worth.

posted by  my67falcon

Well, thank you very much for all of your suggestions. I think I understood most of it, I mean, I am not exactly a car guy. I just got the thing a few months ago. But I am pretty sure I am going to do the exterior before I work on the engine. I definately need new wheels, and I could use a new paint job, since I still have the original paint, and it is cracking and faded in some spots. My bird is an auto, and I have the V6 232 3 3.8L TBI version.The whole engine swap thing would be really far down the line, and quite expensive, if it even happens at all. If I can't do it right away, is there some things I can do to my V6 to make it haul a little ass?

posted by  85Thunderbird

By the way, this is what my car looks like. I found this picture on google. It is not my car, but mine is the same color and looks just the same, except mine has uglier wheels and I have super dark tint on my windows.

posted by  85Thunderbird

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