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Just a quick question. When this group produced Yenko "Super Car" Camaros, did they always have a 427 big block??? Just curious cause heard this guy talking about a different engine that came in the Yenko and I orginally thought that they just replace the camaro engine with a Vette 427.

Just for fun:

posted by  Voda48

Im pretty sure they also came with a 350 and i think the Nova Yenko did to but theres only 7 recorded left :ohcrap:

posted by  Nova

I got this off a web site but what the hell. Don Yenko, the son of the founder of Yenko Chevrolet, was the man behind the '69 COPOs, and was probably the best known and largest supplier of muscle cars back in the 60's and 70's. Don started using GM in 1965 to get special Corvairs, then moved on to transplanting 427s into Camaros in '67 and '68. In '69, Yenko used the COPO pipeline to get factory 427s in Camaros and Chevelles, then transplanted a few 427s into some Novas. In '70, he again used his COPO ties to get an LT-1 equipped Nova. From there, he began hot rodding Vegas and then produced a few hi-performance Camaros in '81.

posted by  weezerdude

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