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Hello Everyone,

I was doing some digging the other day and stumbled across a chrome grill that appears to be quite old. I have asked numerous people and searched a boat load of websites, but I haven't been able to locate anyone that can tell me what this grill fits. I would greatly appreciate it if some of you classic car buffs could help me out.
Here is the mystery grill.
Thank you in advance for your help!

posted by  bigdreed

Looks like an old Camaro around the year '67 ish.

posted by  99integra

Thank you for the reply and information! :thumbs: Very much appreciated!

posted by  bigdreed

Looks like a 73-74 chevelle laguna grill.

posted by  scottco

scottco ftw :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

Its in the Camaro family...late 60's agreed.

posted by  JPolito830

Nope. Scottco had it right:

posted by  ChrisV

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