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HI, looking for accurate curb weight for my 68 camaro convertible RS/SS to see if I can tow it with the vehicle I own. If anyone could point me in the right direction for an answer I'd be grateful.

posted by  BJs68

Im guessing about 1900-2200lbs...I looked it up on the internet for and found the 1969 weight. It must be close

posted by  JPolito830

2000 pounds for a heavy ass american muscle steal car. LMAO!!! try more like 3400 range... my 1979 honda civic (tiny ass little thing) weighs in the 1700 range stock.. the motor in a camaro more than makes up 200 pounds in the 1900 you listed.

try this, pop your door or hood and look at the tag if it is still there. it tells you the curb weight and all that good stuff.

but pretty sure my 67 camaro weighs somewhere in the 3400 range if i remember right.

posted by  SubarusRmyThing

3174 for the SS hardtop. Can't find convertible info though.

posted by  jedimario

Is the SS the same as RS/SS? (Don't know anything about Camaros).

Convertible would probably add like 150-200lbs though.

posted by  chris_knows

basically the same. its all in the options. back in the 60's camaro had hundreds of options for the camaro. it was an endless list of possibilitys. but the basic car is the same. and prob all are going to be within 150 pounds of each other, give and take motor differances, and things.

posted by  SubarusRmyThing

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