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for around 10 years now my grandmaw has had a 1972 malibu in the garage which belonged to my great grandmaw since well...1972. ive been trying to buy this thing forever and even posted pics on here about 4 years ago i beleive. I finally got the ok the other day and im looking for a fair market value price on it. anyone have any idea? im going to get some more pics probably tomorrow but ill tell ya its a 2 door, baby blue, 307, hasnt been started in 10 years or so i dont know if the motor is locked or not, original tires around 40000 on her. got a few slight scrapes on her. last time i checked there might have been mice inside as well :banghead: body was solid from what i remeber and all the glass was good last i checked. i figured it would be around 2500-3000?

posted by  adamc44

That price seems reasonable. But as I have said before it is almost impossible to value an older car. As they are worth different amounts to different people. If it was ran through an auction and there were two people there that needed a good parts car for a mega dollar SS car it could bring double that..... on the other hand, if it was parked in the front yard with that price written in shoe polish it may sit there forever....

With that said the price of unrestored original cars are increasing in value at a very rapid rate. Once all of the big block SS cars are snatched up, these "plain Jane" cars will sky rocket.

Do you want to know value so you know how much to pay? or how much you can sell it for?

posted by  corbett_auto

that was the main problem, not really any way for me to gauge a fair price on it, i was wanting to buy it for myself for a resto project.

posted by  adamc44

tried to roll the engine over but she wont budge. has a dent in the passenger side door. also have 10 additional pictures but didnt get them posted, will do that tomorrow.






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posted by  adamc44

Wow! it is hard for me to put a price on this car as it sits.... because all I see is what it will look like after about 2 weekends of cleaning. If it was cleaned inside and out, had 4 matching tires, and could make it around the block on its own power it could be worth over $10K.

Will you please post pictures of this car after you give it a good bath? I would love to see it..... if all cars looked like this I wouldn't have a job.

Good thing most cars this age look like this:

http://www.corbettsauto.com/pictures/1970_Chevelle_SS396/Before/DSCF4727.JP G

http://www.corbettsauto.com/pictures/1970_Chevelle_SS396/Before/DSCF4691.JP G

posted by  corbett_auto

Wow. A wash and wax and a reupholstering and you are good to go, even the chrome looks descent, which is amazing, especially for an Ohio car. To bad about the engine though,:ohcrap: might want to try putting a little something in the cylinders, see if it will work loose. Of course if it did work loose, I would want a complete rebuild before I tried to run it.

Edit: is that a studded snow tire?

posted by  dvdrose18

no need to recover the seats, they look good to me... nothing some good cleaner wouldn't fix. The value in this car will be in not replacing anything unless you have too. As soon as you put something new in/on the car it will make the thing beside it look old and dingy.... this is the domino effect of restoring a car. The next thing you know you have replaced everything. Trust me the people paying high bucks want to see the old original stuff still on the car. Anything that looks new will look out of place.

And as far as the engine goes... I'd just pull out the plugs, pour in some sort of lube, let it soak and see what happens. If it spins: drain and change all fluids (including the fuel), and see if it will crank. If it does I'd drive it until it breaks... If it ain't broke why fix it. You may want to check out the brakes real good before you take it around the block.

Just to clarify, this is not my typical advise. But then again this is not a typical car. I normally recommend a complete tear down and rebuild of everything from engine to brakes. But in this case, it has obviously been taken care of and in general age does not destroy things as bad as abuse.

posted by  corbett_auto

I thought I saw stuffing coming out,:oops: but I looked closer, and you are right, the seats do look good, just need a little cleaning. I am just curious, is that the headliner hanging down in front of that one picture? I guess even that could be just put back in place. Give it a good bath and let us see what it looks like.

posted by  dvdrose18

well the thing about this ohio car is that its been garaged its entire life. it belonged to my great grandmaw when she bought it new, then she went to a nursing home so it sat in her garage all those years. after she died about 20 years ago, they moved the car to my grandmaws garage where they planned to fix it, but never fooled with it. my grandpaw didnt want to sell it, but he passed on and my grandmaw wants to get it out of the way now. well do you guys think in its currnet condition, the way it sits, what do you figure its worth 2-3000?

posted by  adamc44

At least.. I'd pay that much for it just from the pictures.

posted by  corbett_auto

last 10

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posted by  adamc44

Some people would be willing to pay double that, especially if you have any of the original documentation that came with the car. (owners manual, original title, 1972 license plate etc.) Of course price depends on demand, which can vary greatly with location.

posted by  dvdrose18

I agree 100% with that statement!:thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

I'm learning, I'm learning.:laughing:

posted by  dvdrose18

I would be willing to pay about 4500...seems like you can get a few hundred more if you really get the word out there.

posted by  JPolito830

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