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Hi, I have a 1965 ford 390 engine stock with a 390 but hAS been rebuilt bored out to .40. the question i have is with this new holly 650cmf 4 barrel will I have much of a gain using a carb spacer and if so what size and what brand is recomended. thanks

posted by  albertou812

Hopefully some of the engine guys will chime in for some better advise.... But here is my :2cents: .....

In my experience the best way to determine if it will help or not is to try it both ways and see which way best suites your needs. Be sure to fine tune the engine in both configurations (timing, carb settings, etc.) and drive the car under YOUR normal conditions..... then you decide which is best. The spacer will most likely just change the location of your power band. Giving you more HP/torque at a different RPM range.

Good luck!:thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

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