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So I'm picking up a '66 Mustang GT convertible later this week and one of the major concerns I have is the seat-belt situation seeing as the car only has lap belts. Does anyone have any idea where the best place to mount a harness (4 or 5 point) would be?

posted by  Beeelions

If it has the original seats, you are pretty much out of luck, as the seats backs are not very tall, and they fold down. And considering it is a convertible, there is not much above shoulder height you could attach anything to.

posted by  dvdrose18

That was exactly my concern. That's unfortunate. Would there be any other options for adding a shoulder component or am I just completely out of luck?

posted by  Beeelions

I see two potential options.

The first and best option would be to adding a single loop roll bar behind the front seats.... you could make it low (like shoulder high) and then just add to hoops to protect your head.

Option #2 would be to reinforce the floor behind the seat and attach them directly to the floor centered on each seat.

posted by  corbett_auto

If you are considering a harness, a roll bar is a good idea. right now there is absolutely nothing to protect you if you happen to flip the car.

posted by  dvdrose18

I tend to like corbett_auto's option #2.

This will never be a track car. I'm just looking to increase highway safety with more restraints.

Would it be okay to attach to the floor? I've always been under the impression that harnesses should always be attached around shoulder height.

posted by  Beeelions

Should I just go with something like this?
http://www.dallasmustang.com/page/products.php?category=&group=&family=&pro duct=60867

Does anyone have any experience with retrofitting shoulder belts? Also...I'm not quite sure how this would attach to a soft top.

posted by  Beeelions

Yes this would work and I think you would like it much better than a motion limiting 4 point harness. It is kindda hard to describe how to attach it. the best bet would be to look around a few used car lots to see how newer convertibles do it......

It will basically attach on the inside of the car at the back side window.... it will make it awkward for people to get into the back seat... but there is not much other options.

below is picture of how we install them in a truck

http://www.corbettsauto.com/pictures/1967_Ford_F100_Ranger/Assembly/Interio r/DSCF9025.JPG

posted by  corbett_auto

Since I posted this I've done a bit of research on my own. From what I've seen people tend to attach them just behind the door and snake the belt over the shoulder of the front seats. Unfortunately the rear seats are out of luck but that was never much of a concern.

Thank you for all your help.

I'm picking up the car on Tuesday. I'll make sure to post pictures as soon as I can.

posted by  Beeelions

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