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My beetle was made in 1971 and before i buy the car since i live in the UK my price of fuel are higher than when i was in the USA and was wondering if any eco engines which are fairly cheap would fit in the back of my beetle as my 1600cc is doing 25 MPG. If you could send me help in types of engines which would be cheap and practical to fit would be really helpful as i specilise in the interior and exterior rather than the engine.

According a 1.8 tdi golf engine diesel gives good MPG would this work ?


posted by  Gummy

How much do you drive? It's probably going to cost you more to do the swap than what you're saving in gas.

posted by  chris_knows

I drive bout 100-150 miles week
So really roguhly 6000-7000 miles a year

posted by  Gummy

As its a cheap project i want to install a decent engine first allowing me not to spend too much

posted by  Gummy

You're going to end up losing $ if you do an engine swap. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt any modern eco engine will easily fit in. It will need lots of custom fabricated mounts and the like. Further, an original Beetle even in crummy shape is worth some decent $. Throw in a new eco-engine and I bet the price would dive. Not worth the effort or $.

posted by  giant016

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