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Hi, I have a 1965 ford galaxie will the origional 390, I want to install gauges as I dont trust the lights since getting the motor rebuilt. Could anyone help me out with how to install the oil,temp and volts where hook in to get oil pressure and where to get coolent temp hooked in , they are equus gauges..txs Albert

posted by  albertou812

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posted by  fireExotic

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posted by  chris_knows

It will be a little hard to explain this here.... but, here is a general run down. Read this over and go through the steps and then ask a few follow up questions as needed.....

1st, buy the set of gauges you like. Typically most people get the set of three that are in a plate you mount under the dash.

2nd, read through the instructions. Sometimes they leave alot to the imagination, but at least it will familiarize you with the gauges.

Now, comes the hard part. Installing the sending units (they will come with the gauges) The easiest thing to do is simply replace the old ones. The water temp is most likely on top of the intake near the thermostat housing and the oil pressure may be near the oil filter.... The voltmeter is easy, just tie it into any 12V (when the key is on) wire.

I assume the gauges are mechanical metal tube for the temp and plastic tube for the pressure. Just follow the direstions to connect the plastic tubing. be carefull with the temp metal line if you bend it too sharply it will crimp and may break.

Hope this helps.... let us know if you need help locating the proper possision for the sending units. I may can take some pictures for you.

posted by  corbett_auto

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