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Now that Oldsmobile has been phased out, would anyone know if my 1965 442 factory 4 speed, 400eng., 345hp increase or decrease in value?

posted by  roadrunner

I doubt that will have much immediate effect on the value. The true test of value comes from keeping an eye on the market. The biggest boost I see to car values are staring roles in movies such as: Duke's of Hazzard, Kight Rider, Gone in 60 sec, etc.......

And when Chevy stopped production of the Camaro it did very little to the value of the 69.... On the other hand it seemed to actually spike a little after they unvailed the new model.

posted by  corbett_auto

Olds going away will have no effect on value. Cars can be a fun investment, but if you're looking to only make money, look elsewhere. If you want a cool car that won't depreciate then a collector car is a good idea.

Cars that I think will go up the most: GNX, Omni GLH-S, 1980's Caddys. Also, icons like first gen Camaros, Mustangs and 55-57 Bel Airs.

posted by  giant016

Thanks appreciate the information.

posted by  roadrunner

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