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Hy. I'm new and I'm 14 and I'm from Europe so I don't know much about muscle cars only that they are cool and I love them. Well actually I know a lot about this car but I want to know difference between Firebird , Formula, TransAm, TransaAm GTA... and such things. I'm young but I'm planing to one day buy a Firebird. In my dreams I see how I want it to look but I want to know is that just a dream or I can realize it. Please help and I'd really liked some photos.

posted by  ficho

Your question needs a good bit more info than I have time to provide right now.... I'll give a quick run down. But for the best info I'd recommend a google search. There are lots of good sites devoted to T/A facts...

In general here are how the models line-up:

Firebird - a base model small v-8 or six depending on year
Formula - a step up the ladder with a larger v-8 engine
TransAm - pretty much the same as a formula and depending on year upgrades to brakes, suspension, interior and exterior appearance

In general a cool car and for reasons I will never understand never was able to step out of it's brother's (Camaro) shadow.:banghead:

posted by  corbett_auto

Yes. I like T/A but it looks that it has that steering wheel - the one with the buttons - it looks ugly (steering wheel). Camaro is a great car too but I like Firebird more. In what models is 5.7 V8 engine?

posted by  ficho

they all came with the 350 (or 5.7). all you have to do is find out what the 8th VIN digit is and go from there.

posted by  glagon1979

Don't most European countries have some super high tax for every liter of your engine over a set (small) size? It might make sense as around here there are a decent amount of bargain large displacement engines, while when I think of Euro cars only high-dollar cars have them.

posted by  giant016

That is sad true. Here everybody drives small engined cars. I don't know why! Japan cars are much more often here. If you are buying a " cool and fast " car everybody buy a (example) Nissan 350Z. There is no Muscle cars in here. The problem is Homologation and taxes.

posted by  ficho

just to amend corbett's a little bit as *generally* applies to 3rd gens (i see you put 88 in the title- good choice!)

Firebird - a base model small v-8 or six depending on year
Trans Am - upgrades to engine, brakes, suspension, interior and exterior appearance, ground effects, etc. generally 305 cars
Formula - essentially a trans am without the ground effects. Formula 350's had -yup- 350s
Trans Am GTA - top of the line T/A w/ a 350

check out this (http://www.thirdgen.org) website if u like thirdgens... (82-92)

posted by  dodger65

I know that this is a topic (my topic) about 3.rd generation (precisely 1988 model) but I must say that second generation kick ass too. 1977 - Bandit! First generation is OK but if I want car from that generation I would have a Charger Barracuda or GTO. And fourth generation is OK too but then was muscle era already over. So I think that best TransAm's are 1988 model and 1977.

posted by  ficho

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