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Me and my dad are wanting to to have a project car. He has always wanted to have one, but never did, and now decided to. Neither of us know anything really about cars, but this is a learning experience for the both of us. He wants to get a corvette in the 70's, and bring it back up to good. Honestly, do you think were going in way over our head?

I found a 77 corvette down the street, has a good engine (he says but id of course get it checked) but a transmission that needs replacing. Also, the interior is destroyed mostly and would have to be completely redone. How hard would finding seats and such be?

posted by  taintedplay

Wow, that sounds like lots of fun! The main things to look for in a good project car are:

A complete and assembled car. It is much easier to know what parts are bad if it is all together.
One in reasonable running condition. Again if you can take it for a short drive it is much easier to know what items will need immediate attention i.e. brakes, carb, trans (as seems to be the case here....)
One with available parts....

From your brief description this one seems to meet these..... And one more thing to keep in mind is.... remember why you are doing this. For Fun! so keep it that way and don't dive into to it too fast. Break things down into little projects. The biggest mistake I see happen is people tear a car down too far and get discouraged....

And finally never be afraid to ask for help!

posted by  corbett_auto


You are right corbett_auto, all of the three thing that you describe is always kept in mind while buying new project car. you really provide an useful and practical facts. you are serious learner, having lots of knowledge, its good, it was nice meeting with you guys. keep sharing such type of information. thanks for giving your valuable time.
and for taintedplay, you will definetly got an project car, that suits your need as well your fathers, in that you and your father both will be happy, just go through with corbett_auto reply, it will help you

Have a nice time a head!

posted by  Lisa Wilson

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