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so i just bought my first classic car(1970 Cutlass S) and i'm now on the hunt for insurance. Now here is where I feel let down, all the insurance companies for classic cars so far have serious restriction on where and when you can drive the car, i.e. can't drive to work or shopping malls or big box stores and so on. Now here in Ontario we get a short summer most years, and when the weather is nice you really have to take advantage. Basically on a beautiful friday i would like nothing more then to cruise the cutlass to work and then on to friends house after, can't do it. Basically they are saying you can only drive the car to car related events.

Is there anywhere i can insure a classic car that i can actually drive it and enjoy it the way it was supposed to be? If anyone in ON., or canada has any advice it would be great, once again insurance is sucking the fun out of cars for me.

posted by  taylors

Must you get "classic car" insurance? My Auto Club insurance has the options of setting up custom insurance policies...but I'm not sure how they'd handle a "classic car". Is it totally custom? Fully restored? Even so, it's only a 1970...not like your trying to insure a 1931 Ford... I see lots and lots of classic muscle cars out on the streets.

posted by  BavarianWheels

i'm not specifically looking for classic car insurance. I was told by the first few insurance companies I contacted that they won't cover cars over 30 years, that lead me to start looking under classic.

The car is currently original, stock rocket 350, at some point will be going for a W-30 clone 455. I don't see that happening in the next few years though. Would really just like to get it on the road for some driving time and enjoy it in the original condition.

I see so many classic muscle cars on the road and think that all these guys can't only be driving under the restricted conditions.

Any direction would be great as the random calling insurance company thing can get really annoying fast.

posted by  taylors

Golly gosh Wilbur, let me do some cypherin'. :tard:

Here's a thought. Instead of going to a mostly US based forum to ask a bunch of anonymous people about Canadian car insurance, why don't we try this. How about talking to the owner/driver of one of those "so many classic muscle cars" you see "on the road" and ask them? After all, they apparently have first hand experience with the system and they might even care. It's called taking some initiative.

As you were, carry on, resume the normal daily ignorance.

posted by  vwhobo

there's one on every board it seems :thumbs: keep the image going

posted by  taylors

The sad thing is that I gave you the best and most logical answer to your question. You're just too thick headed to realize it. Your loss.

posted by  vwhobo

Best yes, most logical yes again.... tactful, possibly not, but I suppose it is better than no answer at all. :banghead:

posted by  corbett_auto

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