1969 dodge daytona charger.

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Hello everyone I come here with a question and certainly hope to find a anwser.
If one had a 1969 dodge daytona charger with a 426 Hemi numbers matching , original wing even original paint. Only thing not original was spark plug wires , what would said car go for? Just a ballpark idea im curious Ive been out of cars for 30 years now. I've only seen one with Numbers matching and It was far from working order , It was a resto job and the guy was asking 600grand after see'ing this add. I decided to look into it if they truely are that expensive nowdays maybe i have a small fortune laying around.
No dumb replys please they're only a waste of peoples time.

( Might I add , This is a Serious post ) Thanks for your time.

posted by  james101

If you truely have what you are posting and plan to sell it, I highly recommend you have it appraised by a reputable authority in Dodge cars. And then simply run it across an auction block such as Barret-Jackson or similar. The value of these super rare cars in the condition you mention changes value almost constantly and is truely only worth what you can find someone willing to pay for it.

I did a quick search on Barret-Jackson and could only find one listing which was for a pair of all original 4-speed cars. The listing said it sold for a little over $400k, but I'm not sure if it was the pair or one.

If you are unable to locate the help you require, PM me.

posted by  corbett_auto

it this suppose to be a superbird?because i believe they were only availabe in 1970

posted by  lennyb06776

I believe the Superbirds and Daytonas were all technically "1969 and a half" instead of 1969 or 1970 model years. I'm guessing to sneak them into NASCAR for that season.

posted by  giant016

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