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My 1960 Cadillac is under flood water 'til next Wednesday. After that, I'd like to get it running again. Any advice on where to start?

The sixty-two sedan 1960 model Caddy was flooded about 2 years ago and hasn't been touched since. Apparently it had been running. And last night before the water came, my inspection showed it to be in pretty good condition. Fluid lines seemed to be free of water, with some old oil and transmission fluid still there. But the power steering reservoir was full of water.

My plan is to drain and change the fluids, put in a new battery, drain the gas tank of water, turn the key and see what happens. Any other ideas? Any specialty forums I should check out for vintage cadillac issues?

What's important right now is to get the thing running so I can move it around. The Car body is in good shape with very minor rust, but we'll see after it's submerged for a second time. Interior will be shot, but again that isn't as big an issue right now.

posted by  alclark0

How deep was the water? How long was it in it? your post makes it sound like it has been under water for 2 years and will not be on dry land until next week.

Any way besides what you mention I also would disconnect the fuel line from the carb and spin hte engine until clean freash gas flowed. If the water level ever got above the carb it may need to be rebuilt be fore it will run well. Also remove the distributor cap and clean/dry it out.

Depending on how deep/long the car was under water you may have to contend with multiple long term problems such as: mold, rust and especially electrical.

I'm sure there are many Cadillac forums around I just do not know of any specifically. Good luck and keep us posted.:thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  corbett_auto

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