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hello every one my name is tom. about a year ago i became interested in old holdens and classics. ever since then i have been searching for a classic that would suite me. i finally think i have found it. a holden one tonner! however i do not no were to start in my search for a one tonner. i am looking for somthign that needs a little work such as paint exterior interior and easy stuff like that. i am just putting these questions out there to give me a little head start.

1. what year should i be looking at?
2. what modle should i get and there avalibility.
3.were are the usual spots were rust appears
4.in what price range am i looking at.

cheers tom.

posted by  symmo

the HQ, HJ, etc,

posted by  Wally

yess i know what modle i want to get now a hq what is there avalibility. and how much around abouts for one?

posted by  symmo

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