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Hello everyone having a problem, hope someone can help I have a 69 mach one I have a built 71 boss351 engine it has four speed, trouble i'm having is,when i push the clutch in to go from first to second the clutch peddle goes to the floor and stays there,the linkage rod comes all unhooked and there i am stuck in second gear I checked the motor mounts and they seem to be ok could one be broke and it be hard for me to see whats the best way to check with the motor in the car? if that is the problem thanks

posted by  mach_boss

When did this problem start? Has it ever worked correctly with this set up?

With the info you provided my first guess is that you either do not have the linkage adjusted properly or you have the wrong linkage.

A quick check for the motor mounts would be to crank the engine and rev the engine a few times and watch to see if it has excessive movement. Other ways would be a visual inspection or apply light lifting pressure to the engine with a jack or cherry picker. Watch the mounts to see if you see cracks in the rubber.

Hope this helps.

posted by  corbett_auto

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