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My step-daughter would like to have an old car and I told her that I would help her find and restore one. I am new at restoring, although I can turn a wrench decent enough to keep my vehicles and equipment out of the shops. :mrgreen:

My step-daughter took this pic at a car show and this is basically the type of car that she would like us to restore.

Can anyone tell me if this Monarch is sporting a stock body shape, or has the rear door section been shortened? P1050339Medium.jpg

She likes the rounded shapes and the short back. She doesn't want a car that is "too long." We haven't found much around here to look at so we haven't determined what "too long" means, but maybe the pic gives some indication.

Can someone give me some info on this or similar Monarchs, or of other cars that have similar shapes that she can consider?

Thanks for any help.

posted by  cjcocn

I am not familiar enough with the Monarch to know if it has been altered... but it looks stock.

Here are some other cars with similar shapes that we have worked on (but there are many more out there):

41 Chevy business coupe (

Heavily modified Morris Minor ( PG)

Stock Morris Minor (

Sounds like she is doing the right thing. Going around and looking at different cars is a great way to find out what you want. One thing to keep in mind is the availability of parts. Going with a non-main stream car can be really cool, but expect it to be hard or impossible to find parts. So if the car is not main stream be sure it is as complete as possible and be prepared to fabricate broken items or modify it to use a common parts (i.e. swap out the front brakes for a Camaro or Mustang II set-up)

posted by  corbett_auto

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