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okay i think covettes are bad ass i was wondering what year of the corvettes is the cheapest for a teen that is bearly going to start to work at the age of 16 at walmart.

posted by  spiral loser

The lowest priced Vette's that you will find will be the mid year C3's. Specifically look at '75-'77 Corvette's. But keep in mind these are cheap for a reason, the '75 base engine was the weakest ever in Corvette history. The '78-'82 are somewhat more powerful and also have the fastback. Don't bother looking at Pace Cars or convertibles. They're both more expensive, and if you ever managed to flip a convertible you wouldn't live through it, so thats probably not a good choice considering your age.

Even though the '75 is a weakest, it will still look wicked and would will be a great car for you. You can probably find a nice one for 6k-7k.

posted by  RexK

keep in mind that if you are panning on keeping the car for a while you can put a new engine in it for a fairly cheap price. Crate engines are cheap and you can do a lot with them if you want

posted by  jimmypooh

what the heck are crate engines and can someone give me a website where they selll them

posted by  spiral loser

Crates are basically rebuilt engines. You can find them everywhere, just search using google or aj. you can get all sizes specs and hp. just depends on how much you want to spend. Here ( is on site for example

posted by  jimmypooh

for a nice stingray you're lookin at up to like 14 - 18k for a realistic one. if u get one of the perfect restores from a dealer much much more like 25-30.

u can find a decent mid 80's vette, although they are a selected taste, for under 12 sometimes.

i wouldnt go for a stingray unless you have someone that knows what they are doing. because it will need to be looked after.

posted by  fyse0

82-86 and 90-94 are among the cheaper ones. Idont like them, and the 84 runs like battleship..

posted by  MOPAR 96&category=6168 33&category=6168

posted by  DodgeRida67

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