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Hi guys new to the board , found this place while looking for some vin info and everything im coming up with doesnt make sence to me so i figured i better find some pros

what i think i have is a 66 impala ss 327 , the problem im having is i have some things telling me its not a SS and some that are , the car has bucket seats but no center console (possibly riped out) but if it had a console why does it have a column shift selector and i thought i normal impala came with a bench seat , on normal impalas i see that the Impala Script on the fenders is at the top , while these fenders have the holes towards the bottom not trim holes they are script holes on both fenders but not in the normal place , basicly the only script left on the car is the 327 badge and the chevy badge on the front grill that does not say chevy ss

hope this picture can help and mabey you guys can tell me what i have here

what i have found so far from some forums has been a little helpfull but not everything i need , i was told it is not a ss but a sport coupe , i was told it is supposed to have a floor shifter but has a column shift , if this is a sport coupe is there anyway for me to get details about what a sport coupe is , as far as options so on so forth . im trying to put this back to orginal as i can , i also thought that bucket seats were only a ss option are then a SC option too ?

posted by  Altaria

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