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We're looking for a mate to an existing side view mirror. Here are a few pictures of the one we have. If you recognize the mirror, and know the make, model, and year of the vehicle it came from, that will help us in our search.
Thank you!

posted by  alexalthauser

Here I'm sharing with you that how To adjust the Mirror View Of Your Car?
The positioning for the inside rearview mirror is fairly obvious — you should be able to see out of the rear window. Be sure the day/night switch found on most rearview mirrors is in the day position during daytime operation.

As for the side mirror or mirrors, most people adjust them so they can see the side of the car on the inside edge of the mirror. Consider the view when the side-view mirrors are set up as just described. Essentially, you have created “tunnel vision” to the rear. Your side-view mirrors overlap much of what your inside rearview mirror sees and you’ve also created blind spots.

posted by  davies

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