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i really could use some replies. i don't know much. i know that i really like gm especially for chevelles stingrays i want to start a project soon with a car but don't have one (no cash income either) and would like some tips i need this help. i want to drive while i'm still in high school

posted by  chevyboy

How can we give you tips when:
A You have no money to even purchase a car
B If you do happen to buy a car for very cheap (especially a chevelle) then it will have many things wrong with it but then at least tell us what is wrong and im sure someone here will help you out.
C. What grade in Highschool are you?

posted by  TA79Kid

ok i read this thread before your other 1

if you need a chevelle and you are broke Ebay always has some great deals ZR10QQsacategoryZ6001QQsbrsrtZlQQsosortpropertyZ1 Knock your self out. Also you can get cheap car parts for it as well.

posted by  TA79Kid

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