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well when i'm driving with my dad tomorrow i'm going to ask him to make a decision in buying me a dirtbike or a chevy nova(not fixed up) for my next birthday in march 2005. i saw a show yesterday and they were making a nova for drag racing and i loved the roll cage in the inside, so i was wondering is it posible to put a roll cage in my nova and still fit passengers in the back and the passenger side? my next question is i like the panel that they had and it had these switches and the swicthes said fuel pump, start and, ignition. would that be a cool idea to put that in my nova (the switches)

posted by  spiral loser

yes it is possible to put a roll cage in your nova and still fit people in the back and in the passenger side. The switches are mostly used for drag racing ony but you can have switches like that in your nova. I dont see why that would be a problem

posted by  archangle

Unless professionally engineered, built, and installed, a roll cage will be more hazard than help. If everyone is not wearing helmets, they could bash their head on part of the roll cage.

Those switches are entirely possible.

Also, what are you going to use the nova for? Drag racing or cruising?

posted by  abless

Get your self down to your local surf shop with some apropiately sized pipe insulation and ask them to make you some covers up. That should help sort out the head bashing problem. you will probibly only get a non cross braced 10 point cage in if you still want to use the rear seats, but if your racing then its worthwhile.

posted by  cinqyg

I think by asking that questions he was curious if he could street it some times and drag it others or did I miss your sarcasm?

posted by  jimmypooh

He's English, so you may well have missed his sarcasm, however, trying to read his personality is like trying to read his spelling....bloody hard lol jk :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Why do you not have the MX bike for your 15th and then ask for the car on your 16th? Yes the roll cage is possible but will reduce interior space and comfort and those switches are very possible but will make your car easier to steal and will increase your insurance.. :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

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