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Its a 1970 chevelle SS 396. Numbers matching, everythings is original and everything works. Has Power Disk Brakes, Power Steering, and A/C. $10,000 is what he wants for it, should I get it? Its halfway across the US and so its sight unseen.

posted by  bluechevelless

Looks a bit tatty to me....£10,000 seems to higher price, but, I'm not very clued up on Muscle cars!...btw, the intro section is always the best place to start! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

what is your specialty?

posted by  jimmypooh

My specialty? what do ya mean?

posted by  bluechevelless

Well, the Restored and very nice unmatching 1970 chevelle ss 396's are going for around $17000. Restored, Matching cars are going for around $25000. So $10000 seems to be good but i dont know since its sight unseen...

posted by  bluechevelless

Doesn't look worth $10k...maybe $6k or $7K at the very most...even that's pushing it!

BTW...any car, being restored properly, will be worth good money...that's the whole point in doing it (and a lover of the car as well...)

posted by  BavarianWheels

Heres a couple of more pictures...

posted by  bluechevelless

i guess its so expensive cliffy because its so well ventalatied with all those natral perferation. over here we just buy a soft top and let it rain on us.

posted by  cinqyg

Looks good, just as long as you have the money to spend on the car, I say go for it.

posted by  archangle

I'm sorry I would have to agree with Bav on this one. It doesn't look like its worth $10K. Are you gonna have to get the engine rebuilt and trany? That takes time and $. Just cause it works does not mean it works well.

posted by  Voda48

I dont know about that one. I think im gonna tell him to F*** off, well maybe just tell him no thanks. My dad is also complaining and to fix all the things will be alot.
Left 1/4 panel = $550
Right " "= $550
Front Fender = $300
Trunk Lid = $330
Interior kit = $ 2500 (around)

posted by  bluechevelless

Um.... in my neck of the woods... thats called a peice of junk.... I dont think the junk yard would pay you anything for it, theyd charge you to take it off your hands....

posted by  stamar

Not really I bet someone on ebay would pay $12K for that (piece of junk).

I got more pics yesterday of around the car and all the damage. I could really see bondo in some places and the body damage might be worse than I thought.

posted by  bluechevelless

what car?

posted by  MOPAR

Looks like a 3 grand car man i wouldnt waste your money you can find alot better deals for 10g's then that you can find something 10x nicer then that and good luck doing it even though you wont need it because there all still around

posted by  Nova

That car may have been cool back in the day, but it certanly has seen better days. I'd say unless you have alot of time, tools, know how, and $MONEY$. You might wanna look for something in a little better condition. I don't care if its a Chevelle, in that condition Id say if you offered 4 or 5 grand for it you'd be paying too much.

posted by  68mustang

If you really want the car, you could pay that much for it. If it were me though, I wouldn't pay that much. For the condition it's in right now, even though it's matching and everything, it's just too worn out. I would say try talking the seller down to about $7K. If he asking $10k for it, he's most likely trying to get a good deal or has it set so that when you ask a lower price for it, it will seem like you're gettin a good deal.

posted by  Vaspier

i'm going to have to go with the majority on this one. A matching numbers SS 454, yes, even in that shape I'd say go for it. But not that car. At $5k, it would definitely be worth it, as the parts would add up to less than the total value of the restored car (labor would have to be free to be worth it, but that's always the case).

Sometimes, however, the cost of restoring a car doesn't equate the value it gives to you to have 1) done the work, and 2) know that you've got something pretty nice that isn't depreciating. Sure, you might end up with more money into it than it's immediately worth, but you'd be in the same boat with a new car, too: paying for the car, the interest on the principal, and losing it on depreciation. You'd actually lose less money spending $15-20k on this car than spending $15-20k on a new car. And if you kept it for 5-10 years, you might even gain that value back, which will almost never happen on a car you bought new.

posted by  ChrisV

sorry man but that is not even close to $4000, it might be a chevelle but thats some madd painting and bodywork. interior needs to be completly reupostered. engine needs cleaning up. i think a chevelle 396 ss is an incredible car and u should get it if ur gonna restore it but its not worth 10 grand.

posted by  Muffin

I would say if you are even remotely considering the purchase it would be worth a couple hundred bucks to fly out and see it, so it won't be site unseen. Plane ticket maybe $400? as opposed to $10,000 and a life time of regret? I choose $400? You might find some thing better on your way there or back.

posted by  sonny's75

It looks like a real rust bucket, although the numbers are matching...

The resto will be serious money. If you're going for it, save yourself a few thousand bring down the price.

Seems like a fun project though especially if you have all the resources to do it all yourself.

posted by  mischa

Way too much money. He's taking you over the coles. Offer 3,000. I bet he takes it. Car needs tons and tons of work to be even presentable.

posted by  Big Vin

I'll comment on this thread even though the guy must have made up his mind a long time ago by now;

On one hand, I agree that the car seems to need some serious work and I wouldn't be interested in starting a restoration on one in quite that poor condition (unless it was an L-78 or LS-6). You'd likely be farther ahead to save more money and buy the best example you can afford. Decent #4 - #3 condition 1970 SS 396 Chevelles (L-34's) are currently going for 20 - 30,000.

On the other hand, the car in the pics might look really rough, but it is probably worth more than $3,000.00 in parts alone. 10 or 15 years ago, you might have been able to get a '70 SS396 with original motor in driveable condition for $2,500.00, but not any more. Times are-a-changin' and they aren't making any more of them.


posted by  DPelletier

WAY too much money for a car in such bad condition. I payed $10,000 for a 1967 Mustang Fastback project car but it has a restored frame, brand new suspension, built engine worth about $4000, and is rust free. That is a deal considering it'll be worth way more than what I will have into it.

posted by  Saleen43

If the motor is matching and still kicking thats not a bad deal, there are better ones out there but if its close in location go for it, it will be worth not paying the 1 large in shipping for a car on ebay. I bought my 70 El camino on ebay and it was a pain in the ass let me tell you.

posted by  durangoman

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