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I have found an ad for one, and am thinking of getting it for my first car.

Not knowing much about cars, I was wondering, is $1000 or so good for this? It says that the trans was recently replaced. The body looks pretty worn, but the ad says the mechanical stuff is in working order.

If you need more info I'll try to provide.

btw 1500 is about the absolute max I could spend on a car. :(

Thanks in advance.

posted by  rep16

well, it depends...if it's got anything less than a big block in it I wouldn't waste my time on it. if it's got the 400, 421SD, or 455 then it would definitely be worth it...I have driven a '71 catalina and it had a 455 in it bone stock...that thing was a tire-frying machine. Catalina's are land-yachts, but the big blocks help out a lot in getting those bears rolling. If it's a big block you should jump on it(assuming that the mechanicals really ARE in good shape). You put a posi in the rear as well as some good gears and fat tires and you'll be dancing right off the line.


posted by  Sick88Tbird

That is what it says in the ad. What exactly does 'original miles' mean?

posted by  rep16

"Original Miles" means thats all the mileage thats on the car...the odometer has rolled over or anything...........that engine should still run like new if the carb is tuned properly and the timing is set right. If you don't mind doing some body panel replacement, a paint job, and having the interior redone you'd have a pretty sweet ride.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Awesome. Thanks for all the help, I'll go try to convince my parents to get it now.(I still have to buy it...but they still have to LET me buy it :ohcrap: )

edit: One last thing. 'Bench seats' are those stupid ones that go all the way across the car, right? Are they replaceable?

posted by  rep16

Shouldn't be a problem to replace, depends really, are you wanting to replace it with normal seats? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yes, but it would be a while. I'm as broke as...well...a broke guy...

posted by  rep16

leave the bench seat man, that way you and you're girl don't have to climb in the back....pure convenience :thumbs:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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