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i'm gonna start savin up for my first car soon...i'm lookin at a 1966 mustang fastback...will the normal 289 engine be very powerfull?

whats the biggest engine, and best trans possible to stuff into a 66 fastback?

posted by  Damage inc.

you can fit a rolls royce trent engine in if you realy want but you will need deep pokets and big brakes!

posted by  cinqyg

I have a 66' fastback with a 460 Big block with dual double pump Holley 4-barrels, and a 32 cu in. blower. It has a Dana-spicer 4-speed manual racing kit. My dad bought it for me when i was 15, and we worked on it together. It has so much power it's illegal to drive on the street. If you are not surious on power you can get a 302 BOSS and it has lots of hp and tourqe. The BOSS kit alows you to hook nos up to it. 302's are cheap kits and parts are easy to find.

posted by  decap66

Exacly how much Hp are we looking at here?

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Havn't dynoed it yet but i am sure it's alot. I know it is over 500hp for sure. That is the hp limit for cars in my state or that's what i was told. The insurance agent laughed at me when i wanted to insure it, so it sits in our shop. When we got done i was 16. the insurance was about $350 a month and i had to pay my own insurance. so i bought $200 beater car. So i could drive to school. I just know it's fast.

posted by  decap66

wow......so i can beef the he|| outta it......i'm so happy....someone laughed at me at school cuse i said i wanted to beef it up, so i started having doubts.....anyway.....kewl....thanks...when i do get it and beef it up...i'll throw some pics up and let ya'll know how it went

thanks a lot

posted by  Damage inc.

You have a limit on max BHP?? That SUCKS!!! :ohcrap:

Good luck man.. Hope it goes well.. Looking forward to the pics!! :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Yeh Alot i did some looking on the net there are lots of site. Just look for "Ford engine specs" you will find lots of sites. The base hp for our engine is about 435hp without the blower and extras. I have always loved mustangs i am going to try and find a Shelby GT but they are hard to find. Believe it or Not - Ford produced one of the first domestic rear engine production cars in 1971 called the Pantera. It had a modified 302. The best advatage was that the weight was on the rear tire so it stuck to the race track and lots of room for other mods or bigger engines.

posted by  decap66

Was it rear or mid engined?

posted by  cinqyg

It was a rear engine. It was designed by De Tomaso if you don't know who that is...you might reconise the similarites of the Lamborgini and Farrari.

posted by  decap66

Hey Damage Inc.

Stay away from anything bigger than a 351 Windsor...nothing else will fit UNLESS you do some serious work to the inner-fenderwells and relocate some suspension components. A buddy of mine in high school had a '66 notch back stang with the 289 2bbl in it....it was a dog. I helped him slap on a good 4bbl intake as well as a holley 4bbl 600cfm carb and a cam...he put on full length headers as well as a 2.5" dual exhaust system. Needless to say he went from running high 17's to low high 14's with stock gearing and a whooped C4 trans. The car was still very streetable, he did have a little problem getting off the line but then again he had a stock torque converter with that nasty cam. It's all about parts selection...don't fall into the "bigger is better" trap. If you match your cam to your intake/carb as well as your headers size and primary tube length you can make some good hp out of that little 289.

Also...ford racing performance sells a slew of 5.0L crate engines that will bolt right in, all you'll have to do is put on an intake/carb, headers, and an ignition system. That's probably the cheapest and easiest way to go.

Good luck!

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Well one thing is for sure..... get rid of the 289! I like what Cliffy had to say and think that would be a great idea.

Also sorry whoever it is that had the restriction on HP. Is that a state ordinance or just the fact that you can't get the car insured?

posted by  Voda48

Right yes, sorry my brain wasnt engaged, venturi 260 is another similar werid creation

posted by  cinqyg

I have yet to see a state with illegal hp statutes. I've BUILT big block Fords (a number of 460s) including street engines with over 600 hp and 700 lb ft of torque. Not only were they not illegal, they weren't even unstreetable.


Now, that engine might be illegal in a street car if the car you put it in is newer than, say, '78 or so in an emissions testing state, but other than that, there isn't a state that says you can't have a 500+ hp car on the street. Especially in a '66 Mustang.

You can make decent power from teh 289, but swapping to a 302 is a bolt in, and it's very easy to get huge power from a 302. Dropping anything larger than a 302 in an early Mustang requires some sheetmetal work to the shock towers. Even the 351W is tight in a '65 (though it's been done many times).
The chassis was changed slightly in '67 to allow the 390/427/428 to fit, but that's a tight fit.

posted by  ChrisV

I am starting to think it is an insurance risk to the companies. I don't see any many people driving high hp cars around in my town. I am investigating the matter now that you said that it's not illegal.

posted by  decap66

If you're looking at a 1966 Mustang Fastback with a 289, I know you're tempted to make it really fast, but you might also consider keeping the car in it's original condition. Now, if the previous owner has already started to replace original parts on it with aftermarket performance parts, then I'd just say screw it, and do the car the way you want to. If you do get a car that is pretty much still original, and you do decide to upgrade the engine....keep the original engine. It makes the car so much more valuable.

As for the kids at school. Tell them that there cars could never pale in comparison to a 1966 Mustang Fastback even if it did have a 289. So you should keep the 289, fix it up, and blow them away with it just to make it even more humiliating.

posted by  FastasSin

i have a 67 mustang and im 16, its a coupe with the stock 289. it might not be fast but a first car its got some good torque. if anything you wanna stay with the 289 cuz as it is, if its ur daily driver, u will burn some good gas. cuz u gotta buy high octane for it. anybody know where to get those 302's?

posted by  Muffin

you need to learn a little more about your car buddy.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

first off, regular 87 octane is fine in a 289 unless maybe it's a shelby GT350 motor, which it isn't. Premium unleaded will do nothing for you...you should run a lead additive at least every other tank filling. If not you will cause the valve seats to erode over time because back then they didn't use hardened valve seats, that's why they used lead in the fuel(it worked to "cushion" the valves and seats when they closed). Second, you can find a 302 in just about any ford truck up to about '00(explorers and mountaineers only) and cars up to, roughly, the early '90's.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

yes i know i need to know more, thats why i came here. well when i read the maual it said that it needs 99 octane, so i just put the highest octane. so i can just put 87 and itll be fine if i add a lead additive? tank was replaced though by previous owner, does that make a difference? also those ford truck engines, are they the same as car egnines cuz arent those designed for towing and not speed? thanks

posted by  Muffin

well, i'm glad you're interested in learning...first lesson. In the 60's the octane ratings were so high because of the lead in the fuel. The higher the octane rating the slower the fuel burns, that's what happens when you introduce lead into petroleum products. if you run 87 octane with a lead additive, you'll be fine. If you really want to run premium you can but all that's gonna do is put a good dent in your wallet. second lesson. the 302 block remained, for the most part, the same. there are HO blocks and standard blocks. The HO blocks use a roller cam and have the same firing order as the 351W as well as better flowing heads(E7TE). Standard 302 blocks have flat tappet cams with the 221-302 firing order and poor flowing heads. I wouldn't waste money if i were you, just get a good set of aftermarket heads for your 289(5.0 heads will fit) that way your engine can breathe better...just adding a cam, intake, and headers won't get you much.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

i hope to see the pics. of course you can (beef it up) i mean 289 comes stock.
i have a 351cleveland v8 4 barrel carb with duel exhaust headers, spintech, cams, bored and stroked and soon to have a blower. im telling you it will make you so damn happy hearing that engine ROAR!!

posted by  351ci-mustang

you can put a 429 cobra jet in it if you reinforce the chassis because the car was originally too light to take its power.
this can be done by installing a roll cage or wldeing in torque boxes on the body.
but i warn, 429 can relly tear your car up if you dont reinfoce it

posted by  big L

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