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I know the stock engine is crap, but I'm looking at buying a stang and found a nice 73. The engine has been modified as listed below, so my question is this, what kind of difference will there be between this engine and stock?


..not engine related.. but it also has..


Any info would be greatly appriciated! Also any recommendations on what else to do to the engine to get some real power out of it would be great.


posted by  k2kyo

well you could bore it out a bit or fit new liners, stroke it?

what sort of power gains are ou looking for?

posted by  cinqyg

With that set-up, the car should be pushing a good 425-475bhp if the guy who built it knew how to tune an engine. I highly doubt you'll need more power, sounds like a high 11-sec car with slicks......but if you really wanted to make more power, you could get yourself a set of Jegs/Kaase heads for that bear. Absolute best heads on the market, did a lot of research on cyl heads for the 5.0L and they are pretty much a ground up design but will accept most factory or aftermarket rocker arms, intakes, and headers. These heads do require their own special length pushrods and custom valve covers but i think that's about it. I don't know what kind of intake or headers are on the car now but you can ALWAYS improve. A tunnel ram intake with two holley 750 double pumpers, full length headers with 2" primaries and a high rpm cam (3800-8000rpm) as well as those cyl heads I mentioned and you'd have a real nasty strip car.

It's all a matter of how much you want to spend and what you actually plan to do with the car.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

The 302 was the best engine Ford produced almost unlimited potential. Just remember if you have the money anything is possible. I agree the car is pretty good with power like that you wounldn't use nos. It would probably blow the heads with the compresion. It seems to have a pretty good setup already. Changing the heads would improve it though.

Q. What are you going to use this car for driving or racing, and what did he use it for? Ask how many times it been run down the track if he raced it.

posted by  decap66

I own a 1973 Mustang. Is yours a coupe, Mach 1, vert, or Grande? With the setup you have in yours you're probably in the high 200hp or low 300hp range. Anyways, I think it really depends on the purpose of your car. If you really want more power, you may consider upgrading to a 351W or 351C engine. Not only will your hp increase, but your torque would increase a bunch too. Some would say stick it out with the 302, but when I did my car, I took out the original 302, dumped in a 351W with the cleveland heads, and added some other necessities. It made a SERIOUS difference. It's a lot more fun to drive. But if you want to stick it out with the 302, there are ways to get the power out of that also.

posted by  FastasSin

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