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I have a citation,with the radio installed in the vertical postion.Where can I find a replacement that will fit,so I can upgrade,to a radio & cd player? :hi:

posted by  Kyheart1952

Here is why I did for my '84 Citation

1). left in the original radio FM/AM
2). replaced the rear 4x9 and front speakers 4"? with sale speakers (Sony fronts and Jenson rear.)
3) added a 10 Disc Trunk RF CD Player

Just took a little bit of conversion of old to new connectors, but not too difficult.

Check the Citation Forever Club on Yahoo Groups for more options, since I don't have time to go through years worth of posts on radio replacements.

posted by  thebaron

I have an 81 citation 4-door and would like to get rid of it. Give me $100 and its yours, we just want it out of our way cause we are cleaning up and need the space. It will run if it had a battery and a starter. The tanny seal needs to be replaced for it to move and it needs all new tires. It also has a camaro V6 engine in the truck and the engine under the hood was rebuilt about 10 years ago with a high performance cam, when it was drivable it would burn the tires off.

posted by  bluechevelless

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