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hi im Jason :P. my dad and i are fixing up his old datsun 280 nissan z turbo, and i was wondering if you guys could help me pick a color that would best suit it and also be a eye popper when people see the color. if you could leave the name of color here i would apreciate it. also if its some wierd name such as "arctic blue effect" please try to leave a link if what the color looks like :P thank u. if you dont kno wut the car looks like heres a link, this is VERY close to how my car looks.http://www.nissan-z.de/images2/nissan-norbert.jpg

posted by  Partyboy

Well, wouldnt have a red or white one. A deep metalic/perlesent blue looks cool, or black. Black shows all the dirt and dust and the paint isnt that hard so scratches easliy, graphite would also look cool.

posted by  cinqyg

I've seen one Z car of the same year (or there abouts) in this type of orange on the BMW below. (link to pic)

It looks GREAT!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

I would have to agree with whoever said it earlier. A really deep and dark blue always looks good. Black is hard to keep clean but thats not the worst part. Black shows every little imperfection on the car. Wether it be paint or a chip or a little wave in a panel. Black really isnt good unless the body of your car is perfect.

posted by  Enthusiast

Sports car yellow or British Racing Green. w00t

posted by  VG30DE

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