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hey i havnt posted on this site for a while, lifes been hard, however i was wondering if some one can tell me how to trace a cars history. i have no vin# or papers. it is a 69 camaro that is sitting in junk yard in florida, and i might decide to buy if i incounter no risks. please help, icant find any identifying plates or #'s. :thumbs: thanx

posted by  camaro67

Does it not have any license plates?....if not, check the floor, under the carpet, for a chassis number, it might also be in the boot (trunk) if it hasn't got the vin plate under the bonnet that is lol. Also, are the windows intact?...although not as acurate as a stamped plate, they might have the VIN number (Chassis nbumber) printed on them!

Good luck! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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