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hey i need help. i own a 74 chevy nova custom hatchback. and i want to swap out the tranny from a 350TH to a 4 speed muncie and i dont have the slightest clue on where to start. if anyone can help me, please do so. i need to know anything and everything about the swap. i know i'll need a bunch of stuff, (clutch assembly, tranny, shifter, pedal, etc.) if it helps, i have bench seats. i think i may have to cut them or just get buckets. anyways if anyone can help me out, i'd appreciate it.

posted by  fAt2Rak005

If you have a column shift, youll haveto change the column which will suck.

posted by  bluechevelless

yeh i have a colum shifter right now, but i was planning on cutting the floor and putting a floor shifter in.

posted by  fAt2Rak005

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