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I'm 12 years old and i am tryin to learn about 1967-1969 camaros. My dad has a 1969 z-28 and a 69 and 68 regular camaro. Any advice?

posted by  Z-28

read every magazine you can get and subscribe to more

posted by  veilsideksyline

Try your friend google. Well look what we have on the first page of google search right here ( history-1.shtml) . What a surprise!

posted by  DSMer

Man that is my absolute dream car. A 1969 Z-28 Camaro.

posted by  jason213

mine too. i wish my dad had 3 69 camaros i'd make him give me one. heheh

posted by  cbudweiser

i'd make my dad tell me where he got 3 camaro's from

posted by  antiJDM

then i'd make my dad give me one

posted by  antiJDM

I have a magazine from 1967 that goes over the development of the first year of Camaro, with photos of the first rough test units cobbled together from other Chevy models. It's pretty interesting, though that may not be what you are looking for. After I look into copyright issues with the original publisher, if all goes well I plan to post it on my site. Keep an eye out for it in a couple of months.

posted by  DougB


posted by  xCaMaRox67

Yeah, because real people are too stupid to be able to like more than one kind of car.


Whatever you do, don't make it a goal to be as closed minded and immature as xCaMaRox67. Like the Camaros, but don't obsess over one make or model.

posted by  ChrisV

'69 RS/Z28 clone convertible with an LS2 and a 6spd for me (don't want to hack up an original). Hellz yeah, classic look and growl with modern performance, mileage, and reliability... :thumbs: .

People can make any car look/sound retarded. Don't rag on imports out of ignorance.

For original poster, try to get a subscription to "Classic Chevy", or "Camaro". Also check out Google and any classic discussion board you can find (there's bound to be a ton for the 67-69 Camaro's). Do a lot of reading and researching. Good to see some other people getting an early start :clap: .

posted by  Bino

If you want to obsess over one make and/or model go ahead.... It does not make much of a difference to anyone.

posted by  The_Wheelman

Here is the best source of information I've found:
Team Camaro (

posted by  corbett_auto

It does if you go online and fill up threads in forums with worthless garbage likexCaMaRox67 does...

But sure, let's encourage people to be closed minded. :thumbs:

posted by  ChrisV

Those are some nice cars. My cuz just turned 16, and his dad bought him a 68 camaro SS 502, holy 750 double pumper, high rise manafold, and alota stuff. Its red with black stripes, and the stripes have ghost flames in them. they spend 17 grand on this car, and he has the nicest camaro ive ever seen. Make yer dad give you one of those, and you'll prob have the nicest car in you school.

posted by  83transam

As a Dad, I have a suggestion;
- My son always has a better shot at getting something by asking nicely and perhaps even contributing to the proposed purchase. I don't thing the "make yer dad give you one..." thing would work that well for him! :wink2:


posted by  DPelletier

hell, worked for me! my dad just gave me a 1986 camaro z-28 with a 350 overbored. hooker exhaust (that means headers and mufflers) edelbrock manifold and valve covers (i know valve covers dont do anything) and it cammed pretty heavy plus a holly 650 cfm 4 barrel carb..... i dont know why he did this but i love him.

posted by  svdiablo979

i was looking at one for £2000 british pounds (with me living in england and all..) however the cheapest insurence quote i got was £4500!!!(im 17) its illegal 2 not hav insurence over hear... its a b!tch. any ideas for other muscle cars that wouldnt be 2 expencive in that department?

posted by  Richymartin

My dad's first car was a 69 z-28, maroon with white stripes. He spanked a lot of cudas and mustangs with it. He had the engine rebuilt and it had well over 500 horses. The guy that rebuilt it raced pro-stock or somethin with carl lingenfelter. Unfortunatly my dad sold it in '73 when he joined the marines and bought a marantz stereo and a leather jacket lol. That poor Z is probably in a junk yard somewhere.... :ohcrap: :ohcrap: . Shame...

posted by  TurboLag

I hate to say it about such a beautiful car but, ewww whats with the wheels? Totally doesnt suit the car. IMO, a nice set of Cragars look great on Camaro's.

posted by  car_crazy89

Notice the plates? That car is in Europe, and those wheels are European custom wheels.

Personally I think they look better on there than Cragars (I don't like the old Cragar SS 2 piece wheels). But they don't look as good as, say, polished Torq Thrust wheels would on that car.

This would be my favorite way to set up a '69 Camaro: _stielow_camaro/Camaro-front-p-side.jpg

Fikse FM5s on road racing suspension... mmmm

OR'6 9-Camaro-Z28-Clone/LF_3_4.jpg

Oversized Torq Thrusts on an DZ302 powered Z/28.. Yummy.

posted by  ChrisV

I like the look of the second one (the oversized torque thrusts). I think torque thrusts and cragars look nice on pretty much any old(er) car. IMO the torque thrust wheels on that second Camaro are a little to big, i'd rather have a little but more rubber. Beautiful cars though.

posted by  car_crazy89

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