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Hello every one, I have a 54 Chevy Bel-Air (2 door sedan), I'm looking to replace the engine I bought it with it is a Ford v8, and really don't know much about engines, so need some help in what engine I should buy to replace it, and if you could tell me some good things about the engine would be great, basically I am looking for a reliable and low gas consumming gas engine.


posted by  viper77

Try to find a 235 6 cyl. This is one of the engines that came in the 54, they run forever and get like a hundred miles per gallon :laughing: not really, but it sure seemed like they did. Reliable and low gas consumming. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking more along the lines of something newer, like an early 90's camaro, or trans-am engine. I think in order for me to get a 54 chevy engine in good conditions it is going to be expensive and hard, I also like the idea of taking advantage of the power steering, fuel injection and other newer technologies not available back then.
So, please let me know what engine I can get along those lines and how would I know if they are going to fit in the 54.

Thanks again.

posted by  viper77

Looks like your headed in the direction of a late model 305. The smallest V8 of the new age, but maybe still big enough to pull your beast around affordably.

posted by  sonny's75

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