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Right ladeez i'm after a hardcore classic car, i'm 18 soon and so budget is low at around $1500 (thats pounds my keyboard doesn't work) it must be reliable(ish) i will be using it as transport to go uni everyday, havin said that i am lookin to modify whatever i get to a show car standard and add some 'modern' touches to it however don't worri i won't be ruining a classsic it'll be subtle changes. Anyway, any1 got any advice as to what i can get??

posted by  Ali T

Triumph Spitfire Mk3
1965 Triumph TR4a
Triumph TR7 - my choice, looks quite modern but the TR4a is also a good choice
Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible
MGB GT 1973

check out ebay motors man! loads there with bloody well good price tags! :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

I would suggest a 1965 to 1973 Mustang. For an engine, I would suggest a 302 or a 351W. Both are pretty reliable and easily upgradeable. It's easier to find parts for Mustangs between 1967 and 1971 I would say from experience. Especially if you're going to restore and modify the car. There are some places online and in the back of magazines that make new gauge clusters, racing seats, and whatever else for Mustangs in those years.

Of course, you could get an older mini cooper and restore one of those. With the craze of the new Mini Cooper, it might be nice to see a good looking one from back in the day.

posted by  FastasSin

thanx for the info guys i was lukin at a spit 1500 at first however recently i've moved towards vw classic beetle, i've got a strange fixation on them, anyone know anything about these reliability wise?

posted by  Ali T

Given your budget I would recommend a GM/Chevy. More bang for the buck. Parts are cheaper and more available.

posted by  sonny's75

Erm, not in England, though! Chevys are very rare, and GM is known as 'Vauxhall' over here.

posted by  heebee

Beetles are pretty reliable and relatively inexpensive to fix. Heck, you and a buddy could pull the engine in an hour if needed. No equipment required except hand tools.

Good first car. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

right the beetle is now out of the window as i've seen and partly purchased a spitfire 1500 that needs restoring bar the engine, i'm planning on putting a 3 litre v8 into it. what do you guys reckon.

posted by  Ali T

Sorry I.m still learning just noticed the location. So what is easy to get and what would you call a muscle car? Buy thr way I am from Missouri, USA.

posted by  sonny's75

I don't know what models are common to see over there, but here in the US i'd go for a muscle car. if not muscle, Mercedes-Benz is my first choice for a more inexpensive classic (finback SE, or with a little more money, SL project).

I bet in England you could find a good bmw 2002 or 1600 though, right? that would be awesome.

E30s are becoming classics, too.

I'm in CA so all these cars are available for me to buy anytime (for the right price of course). good luck. update us.

posted by  mischa

Ali T:

The V8 is not the way to go with a Spitfire. The Triumph 3-litre V8 was tempremental, heavy and not particularly powerful. The Rover V8 is a better choice because it's so light, but there's an easier option open to you...

Basically, the Spitfire shares the same chassis as the Triumph Herald, Triumph Vitesse and Triumph GT6. The latter two had a 2-litre straight-six engine, that sounds lovely, and pulls well enough. This would drop onto your chassis with little work. Get the gearbox, too (I'm not sure how different that is). Triumph later took this engine to 2.5 litres, so that would probably be the best starting point. You'll also want to use the rear suspension and axle off a late GT6: this provides much better traction, and the use of rotoflex couplings prevents the suspension jacking up when cornering hard.

For more information, join the Triumph Sports Six Club. They're very helpful, and this conversion has been done before. However, you need to make sure your car's chassis and bodywork are in excellent condition before attempting to stick this much more power through it. A Roll cage might be a sensible idea too, just for the extra stiffness it will provide.

posted by  heebee


We didn't really have muscle cars over here! Our roads are so different from yours that a muscle car wasn't ideally suited. Handling, brakes and economy are all more important over here.

I own an MG BGT V8, which I suppose is pretty close to a British muscle car, although it's really a GT. The Rover P6 V8 is pretty quick, but is more of a luxury saloon. Reliant Scimitars were fast, too, using a Ford 3-litre V6 in a fibre-glass body. They're pretty cool, actually...

Old XJ6's and XJ12's can be had for very little money, as can XJS's, but these are luxury cars, more suited to high-speed cruising (although they also handle really well, for their age). Another quick luxury car was the Jensen Interceptor, but they're very collectible and expensive.

The Ford Capri was sort of seen as a European Mustang, but was in truth very different. It was also a laughing stock, because Ford tainted it by fitting a 1.3 litre engine in some of them. However, I used to have a 2.8i Capri, and that was pretty capable.

posted by  heebee

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