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Greeting once again.... I got a 79 trans am w/ 455 big block. Recently put a new radiator in and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on any electric fans that could go in there? Thanks

posted by  dougszteam

If you want the economy version, head out to a bone yard and find some electric fans out of a mid to late '80s Gran Prix/Bonneville/etc... My sugestion would be to get the main cooling fan (not the secondary one). I would also recommend getting 2 of them.

I used this setup for my Broncilliac project where I needed to cool a Ford 460 motor and they worked like a charm. I rarely needed them when the vehicle was in motion but at idle they would kick in and cool down the engine temp very nicely.

The only real issue I had was having both fans start up at the same time, on the same circuit. They really drew the Amps so you need a heavy duty circuit and relay.

Good luck. Like to see pictures when you get a chance.

posted by  theman352001

whats are your views on a electric fans? i have a 67 mustang with stock radiator and fan. seems to cool good but wondering on views of either replacing fan with new one or electric one.

posted by  Muffin

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