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Let me ask yall a question.
Me and my uncle are fixing to start a hot roding shop. well we want to know whats whe most popular classic car. :twisted:

posted by  Crazed Malinko

one of the most popular hot rods is the Willys they are the most sort after car, then u got ur 34 Ford coupe, 57 chev, 66 Impala, I live in asutralia so the aussie muclse cars are starting to fade away cuz every cunt and his dog gets ricers ( yes they r cheap, cheap and nasty) Ive got an 1972 HQ Holden Manaro ( USA=GTO Ponitac)check out the net to see wat u like first of all then start there - let me know how ur goign coz i want to get a new engine soon for my car (454 Big Block Chev)


posted by  HERETIC_666


posted by  chevelle_72

well there are several muscle cars from the 50's and 60's and 70's but i think its all been about the engine and what the car can do much flash
and no guts ..i remember there was a time when sleepers youst to beat you real bad a ordinary hubcap stock looking hot rod , but the true hot rod is the old school coupes from the 30's it coildnt get any better ! :thumbs:

posted by  dwayne

66 - 67 Chevelle SS
396 4-speed
4"11 posi
black in color ;)

posted by  chvyscott67

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