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Hey guys. I have a 1938 chevy truck that I am thinking of Hot-Rodding. It's in real bad shape right now. I have a guy that's gonna redo the engine and tranny no charge so that's taken care of. I was just wondering if any of you have done a project like this. How much $$ did it cost. How hard to find parts?

And if anyone knows where i could get some front fenders and a grille that would be good.

Thanx. :thumbs:

posted by  jason213

Well...that's nice of him!

posted by  BavarianWheels

Ya. I did a bunch of work for him. So instead of paying me, he's gonna do that. So that's pretty much the major part taken care of.

posted by  jason213

Hi Jason, Just wondering how you are comming on that 38, hope you havn't given up on it. I started off with a little less then you, but it is fun.
would love to see some pix of yours.

posted by  NudeAutoMall

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