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My dad wants a '71 Chevelle more than anything. We are going to work on a project car together and was wondering if a 70-71 Chevelle is fairly cheap to get? And what about the part availability?


posted by  jason213

Chevelles of that era are usually quite expensive...i've seen many "rolling chassis" chevelles go for around 5-6K on average. If you find one real cheap, it's usually because the floor and trunk pans are all rotted out. Parts availability for chevelles is amazing. You shouldn't have any problems finding parts for a chevelle...if you do, then you're looking in the wrong places. Good luck with it.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

i got real lucky and bought a 70 chevelle malibu for 150 bucks at a junkyard that is in really great shape for the price. Usually that doesnt happen, they will be between 1000+ if it is in goodshape and pending if its an SS or not. Parts are easy to find on the internet and can probably find shops around you that sell chevelle parts too.

posted by  70chevelle18

I am a GM fan and I did have a 72 Chevelle once but can't speak for the current restoration cost of one. I'm into trucks now, however I advertised for sale today a 1972 Chevy 402 BB (confirmed with casting #'s) The first call back on it was a guy who had a couple of Chevelle's he wanted to sell ( I think he said 67 & 69).

posted by  sonny's75

I have a 71 chevelle for sale.It is a ss clone. New engine and trans with less than 1000 miles on them. Still have original engine. No!!!!!!! rust and No!!!!!! bondo. Needs good paint,looks good but needs paint job. e-mail is mawjaw@backroads.net

posted by  Jim Wood

like that one isn't a project car though Jim. Anyways Jason I figure you can get a non restored for a few grand, maybe 5 or 6. The real money may be into what you have to do to the car to get it restored. I'd recommend finding one that has all the key components still around so you can build it up a few pieces at a time. Good luck on your search.

posted by  Flame Roller

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