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Hey, this is my 1st post here! :thumbs:

Well, anyway......I am looking into buying a 1988 Monte Carlo I found for sale. However, it is not an SS and it has that.....material looking roof.(It looks like there is leather over the rear portion of the roof.)

I am interested in making it look like an all metal roof and have an SS look to it...is there any way of doing this?

posted by  BlueEyedDevil

First off, welcome to the forums. If you want to make that monte look like an SS you could strip that vinyl off, fill any holes that there may be, scuff the surface, prime it, then lay down a few layers of body matching paint. If you're not capable of doing this yourself...a body shop shouldn't charge too incredibly much. Another thing you can do is try to find the same year monte SS in a scrap yard (with the front end intact) and pull the headlights/grill/bumper...pretty much everything in front of the hood...those parts should bolt right up and nobody should be able to tell the difference.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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